The Bensons are the secondary antagonists turned into supporting characters of the 2019 Pixar film Toy Story 4

They serve Gabby Gabby and help her to get Woody's voice box. They are classics ventriloquist dummies and the leader is distinguished by his red bow tie. 

They were all voiced by Steve Purcell.


We know very little about how they feel altough they are totally subject to Gabby Gabby. They are mute and express themselves only by some kind of growlings and other sounds.


The red bowtie Benson first appeared pushing the stroller with Gabby Gabby round and round in the antique store. He then meets Forky and Woody, putting them in the stroller with Gabby Gabby. The other dummies appear by circling the stroller to prevent Woody from leaving. They chase him and managed to capture Forky.

We see later the dummies to watch over Gabby Gabby's hideout while turning their heads. They surprise Woody's band and are about to snatch his voice box. The group is forced to leave the shop again and left Forky behind.

Woody goes inside again and is conviced by Gabby Gabby to give his voice box in exchange of Forky.

Benson sews Woody's back before saying goodbye to him and Forky who notices that Benson is "terrifying". When Gabby Gabby is rejected by the girl she's dreamed of, it's Woody's turn to convince her to come and see Bonnie. Benson pushes the stroller with Woody, Gabby Gabby and Bo Peep inside one last time out of the antique shop and hops in before it hits a barrier in the street.

A woman then runs to the stroller, raises it, and sees Benson which makes her scream in fear. We don't know what happened to the dummies after this, although it is likely that they stayed at the Second Chance Antique shop.


  • The Bensons are surely based on Slappy the Dummy from R.L.Stine's "Goosebumps".
  • They were created after the original concept of Woody who had to be at first a ventriloquist dummy but the project was abandoned.
  • Only the red bow tie dummy is named "Benson" along the movie.
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