The Auctioneer is the secondary antagonist of Disney's, The Small One. He is the second person that the Boy takes Small One to so that he can sell but it fails.


He auctions horses in the market. At first he is angered that the boy brings Small One onto the stage and slightly embarrasses him. However, when the boy tells him what Small One can do, the man changes his mind and is intrigued, especially when the boy tells him that Small One is "good enough to be in a King's stable".

From the Auctioneer's perspective, that is all he needs to know. He mocks and almost injures Small One with his weight. But when Small One sees his best friend pushed aside, he regains his strength and throws the man off of his back. The Auctioneer chases them away. He isn't seen after that.


  • The Auctioneer bears a striking resemblance to Stromboli from Pinocchio.
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