Characters that have appeared in {{{1}}}, any sequels and related media such as books and comics. This is for all characters, regardless of whether they are good or bad, and regardless of how major or minor a role they play in the stories.

A brief description of the character can be included, but should not attempt to rigidly define the character's behavior or role in the stories. For the characters that qualify as the villain in the story, links should be provided to their separate page. Labels about what kind of protagonist or antagonist they are is prohibited.


{{List preface|description}}

"description" is whatever kind of description that needs to be inserted into the above text, such as the movie ''Cars'' .


Placed at the top of pages that list the characters that appear in a movie or TV show and provides an introduction to what should go on that page. The page should be for the first movie or TV show in the series or franchise. For example, though there are two films in the Brother Bear series, include characters from the second movie on the "List of Brother Bear characters" page rather than on a separate "List of Brother Bear 2 characters".

For the situations where a franchise has many stories connected to it, such as Star Wars and the Marvel characters, it will be necessary to split such lists into separate pages to avoid having excessively long lists. However, limit the number of separate pages whenever possible.


Captain America appears in both his own series of movies and as part of The Avengers. Pages can be created for "List of characters in the Captain America movies" and "List of characters in The Avengers movies". Do not create one for Captain America: The Winter Soldier or Captain America: Civil War, and keep the title short instead of "List of Captain America: The First Avenger characters".

These examples break from the format of "List of X characters" and instead use "List of characters in the X" to account for future situations where there may be lists for Captain America comics.

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