A check of your edits has shown you are spending a lot of your time only adding categories to pages. The categories on this wiki need to be cleaned up, and people that only add categories and do not make any other kind of edits only create more of a mess that has to be cleaned up. This is category spamming.

A policy will be created that will define what is considered category spamming and what the penalties will be for it. It is already entered into the official list of reasons why a user can be blocked. At the moment, the guideline is if adding categories is over 50% of your total number of edits, it's category spamming. This may change in the future.

To avoid being blocked or subject to the upcoming policy, you need to find other things to add to pages than just clicking on the "Add category" button. And that does not include trying to pin an antagonist label on a character. That is an official policy.

For more information about why category spamming is a problem, refer to the No more categories for a while blog for more information.


A consistent message to use as a warning about category spamming and provides a link to the blog that discusses it. An official policy page will be added later.

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