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Teddy is a character in Lab Rats. He is the variation of Eddy when he gets exposed to a virus.


Teddy is very cruel and evil. His personality is pretty much the same of Eddy; he loves causing trouble and loves watching people get in trouble or struggle. However, Teddy is more violent, and doesn't like anyone, even Donald. He loves tormenting, scaring, and taunting people.

Night of the Living Virus[]

His only appearance so far is in "Night of the Living Virus", when Eddy is exposed to a virus. Leo becomes Chase's lab assistant because Tasha is tired of Leo playing video games all day which she claims will "rot your brain." Donald gets annoyed at Leo and gives him the task of watching a download for five hours. Leo hacks into the software to try to speed up the download, but accidentally releases a powerful internet virus, which results in Eddy becoming a demon named Teddy.