Taurus Bulba (voiced by Tim Curry) is a villain in the animated Series "Darkwing Duck". He was the first


villain in the series premiere. Taurus is a crimelord who was put in

Taurus as a rebuilt cyborg.

jail with his henchmen and his moll Clovis. Taurus was still operating in his cell. He was plotting to steal an anti-gravity machine called the Ramrod to use in his crimes. He sent his goons to steal it from a guarded train. Despite Darkwing's interferrence, the heist was sucessful. But to learn the code to activate it, he needed to kidnap Gosalyn, the granddaughter of the Ramrod's inventor, Professor Waddlemeyer, who was killed by Taurus' cronies just before he could learn the code. Darkwing rescued her and took her into hiding. Later, Taurus, who escaped, lured Darkwing out into the open and forced him to turn over Gosalyn, who had the code all along in her memory when her grandfather sang her a lullaby. Later, Darkwing overloaded the Ramrod, causing it to explode, seemingly killing Taurus. In the episode Steerminator, Taurus' lifeless body was found by Steelbeak and his F.O.W.L. agents. He was rebuilt as a cyborg. The heads of F.O.W.L. wanted to hire him as an agent, but he refused and instead wanted revenge on Darkwing. in the climax, Taurus escaped, vowing his revenge.

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