Tamara is an antagonist who appears in the second season of the ABC fantasy show Once Upon a Time. Tamara is a human woman who believes that magic is unholy, and should be abolished. She murders characters such as The Dragon, and August W. Booth.



At some point in her life, Tamara grew to hate all magic beings on Earth.

Pre-Storybrooke Life[]

Before she became engaged to Neal Cassidy (Baelfire), Tamara tracked down and murdered many magical beings. In Hong Kong, Tamara is in the waiting room of the Dragon when her turn comes to see him. When she stands up, she drops her phone, and August W. Booth, who's also there to see the Dragon, hands it back to her. Tamara lies and tells the Dragon that she has a malicious form of cancer, and he hands her a mystical potion. Tamara later revisits the Dragon and tells him that the substance of the potion matches no element found on Earth and she thinks that it's magic. When the Dragon begins to reveal himself before her, Tamara takes out a special taser and kills him.