T.J. Finger is a Toon actor who starred on a cop show called Cop Squad. He appears in the Bonkers episode "The Final Review".

Role in the series[]

Bonkers D. Bobcat had admired him and his show for a time. But T.J. was not pleased about his show taken off the air due to numerous bad reviews from the TV critic Charles Quibble.

T.J. captured Quibble and held him hostage in the TV studio. Quibble said that someone had to get bad reviews so that his own show could get good reviews (it was what the audience wanted). T.J. built a device called the "Critically Correct" Machine, which would crush Quibble with an anvil if he made too many critical remarks.

Detective Piquel faced T.J. one on one. When Finger charged at Piquel, the detective stepped to one side, and T.J. ended up getting his finger caught in the coin slot of a cola machine.


  • He is the second Disney character to wear a green zoot suit, the first being Greasy from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the third being The Green-Eyed Monster of Jealousy from Quack Pack.