Sun lok

Sun Lok Chinese Wizard

Sun Lok is a Morganian wizard of Chinese (Cantonese) descent who is was captured in the Grimhold by Balthazar Blake during the 18th Century, after a failed attempt to capture the Grimhold and free Morgana Le Fay. Devoted to his Morganian elders, Sun Lok willingly followed Maxim Horvath's orders once released from the Grimhold. He makes his only appearance in The Sorcerer's Apprentice, as he was slain by Blake and Dave Stutler, who used his own powers against him. Although at least two hundred years old, because of his time spend inside the Grimhold, Sun Lok appears to be only in his mid-twenties.

Powers and Abilities

Sun Lok is a powerful wizard whose true might is unknown, but as a Morganian with (presumed) training from Horvath, his skills are assumed to be along the lines of abilities demonstrated by both Morganians and Merlinians. Like all Morganians, he needs a focus object to use his powers; in his case, he wears a plated belt emblazoned with an ornamental dragon, which he manipulates with the use of his plated claws in order to create and manipulate actual dragons (see below).

In addition, Sun Lok seems to have a preference for fire-based magics. (It is interesting to note that the three lesser mystical talents shown in the film - Sun Lok, Drake Stone and Dave Stutler - all seem to have an innate specialization in their powers, as Stone seems to favor illusory skills, and Stutler slants towards energy manipulation and control.) He has also shown the ability to:

  • create a fire breathing dragon out of (fake) Dragon dacne costumes.
  • dissipate and reform his body from a swarm of butterflies
  • telekinetically manipulate large numbers of solid objects

In addition, Sun Lok wears a pair of golden metallic claws on his hands. He uses these claws to help in some manner with the use of his powers; it is assumed that he can also use these claws as weapons

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