The Summerween Trickster

The Summerween Trickster is a former villain from Gravity Falls.


He is the former main antagonist of the episode "Summerween" where it was revealed he was loser candy that was discarded by a teenage gang from Gravity Falls that came alive and wanted revenge for being discarded.

Years later in the next day of Summerween, he threatened Dipper, Mabel, Candy, and Greta saying that if they do not gather up all the candy until the last Jack 'O Mellon goes out, he will kill them. Dipper accidentally shoves all the candy off a cliff, which gets Mabel upset at him. This also gets the Trickster mad as he attempts to kill the children for not meeting his quota but Soos bursts out of the Trickster, killing him in the proccess. However before dying, he redeems himself saying that all he ever wanted was to be eaten and told that he was delicious, and dies happy.  


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