The Spy Rats are assistants to the "greatest spy in the world" from the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers episode, "Double 'O Chipmunk." Francis is the leader while Louie and Moe are his sidekicks. It should be noted that despite a different color scheme, Francis looks exactly like Rat Capone.


Francis is a short, obese rat with a black hat and a red coat. One of his sidekicks, Moe, wears a green hat and green coat and a black shirt. His ears look like they have been bitten. Francis' other sidekick, Louie, wears an orange hat, a purple coat, and a black shirt.


Francis is the leader of the spy rats. He appears to be serious and judgmental while his sidekicks appear to be idiotic.


The scientist makes the spy rats take a microchip to their home. While the rats were on their way, they get in a sewer. While Louie was the last one to get in, Dale drops his microchip in the sewer, making the rats believe its theirs and Dale and Zipper take the rats' microchip.

When the rats find out they have the wrong chip, they see a picture of the Rescue Rangers and go kidnap them. Dale and Zipper go to the rats' hideout to rescue their friends. The rats later escape with their master, but then get caught by the rangers and get arrested.