The Spirit of the Lamp is a genie featured in the episode "A Lad in a Lamp" of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.


Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers[]

As the episode starts, a pelican swoops down on two men attempting a trade, snatching away a box. Some time afterwards, the pelican delivers the package to his client: Fat Cat. However, Fat Cat refuses to pay the pelican, and the bird takes off with the package.

Fat Cat and his minions give chase, the pelican accidentally drops the box. It just so happens that Monterey Jack and Zipper find the box, and open it up. Inside, they find a lamp. When Monterey rubs it, a Genie appears, offering him 3 wishes. When Monty realizes his luck, he unexpectedly wishes his friends could see the Genie and the lamp. This causes them to be whisked back to Ranger Headquarters, just as Fat Cat was closing in on the lamp. Having seen Monterey Jack, Fat Cat orders his henchmen to go to the Rangers Headquarters and retrieve the lamp.

Monty arrives back at Ranger Headquarters, and then makes his second wish: a wish for lots of cheese! His wish soon fills the headquarters, and Dale eagerly wants to make his own wish...only to be stopped by Monty, who greedily says he isn't finished yet.

This causes the others to storm off, and Monty then feels bad for having acted so to his friends. As he sits there, the djinni reminds him that he has one wish left, but tricks Monty into thinking that if Monty gives him the chance to be free on his own for a few days, he'll return to the lamp and give him more wishes.

Monty falls for this ruse and wishes the Genie free. The Genie then assumes Monty's clothes, and Monty unexpectedly finds himself as the new djinni of the lamp. After the djinni leaves, Fat Cat's minions manage to find the lamp, and return it to Fat Cat.

Fat Cat is at first incensed to find a Rescue Ranger in the lamp, but upon finding that Monty possesses the djinni's powers, Fat Cat then begins wishing to change around his abode. When Monty mentions his friends will stop him, Fat Cat wishes the Rangers to appear. Hoping to wish them to be destroyed, Fat Cat soon finds out he has used up his 3 wishes.

A fight then breaks out as everyone scrambles for the lamp, which is finally caught by Chip and Dale, who wish that 'none of this ever happened.'

The scene then returns to the opening trade-off, with the pelican this time not intercepting the box. Because of Chip and Dale's wish, it can be assumed that he was reverted back into his role of being the genie of the lamp.