Speckles is the main antagonist in the 2009 live-action film G-Force. He is a star-nosed mole voiced by Nicolas Cage.



Speckles was initially a friend of Darwin the guinea pig, helping the protagonist in infiltrating Leonard Saber's mansion to retrieve important data on a weapon codename known as Clusterstorm. During the climax of the film, Speckles revealed to Darwin that he was the one who created Clusterstorm, via manipulating Leonard Saber, and that his family and home were destroyed by humans. As a result, Speckles vowed to get revenge on humans by bombarding the Earth with space junk and debris.

At the near end of the film, Darwin manages to break Speckles free from his insanity by saying that even though his family is gone, Speckles is still a part of the G-Force team, which had become his family, one he was close to destroy like what had happened to his old family long ago. Horrified by this realization, Speckles tries to shut down the robot he created but fails to do so. Luckily, Darwin manages to destroy the robot by inserting a virus-infected PDA. He is also saddened when the team finds Hurley and believe him dead, saying that it's all his fault for an innocent life to have died under his blind obsession for revenge, and is later relieved when they learn that Hurley had survived.

At the end of the film, Speckles is assigned into removing the malicious chips inside thousands of Saberling appliances but promises to join the team again if they would have him once he was done (which they probably would).