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"Big Daddy" Brotherson to Bearicorn
Beatrice Le Beak to Captain Gantu
Captain Gore to Crumbelina DiCaramello
Crumford Lorak to Dread the Evil Genie
Dreaded One to Frederick
Fredo to Hamar
Hamilton Gooding to Jeffrey Mace (Life-Model Decoy)
Jefro Beaver to Layla
Lazlo to Marotti
Marquis de Bouillabaisse to Much Needed Advice
Muck, Gunk and Grime to Phantom Blot
Phantom Pete to Ricky King
Ricky Weaver (Kickin' It) to Sir Cumference
Sir Dainel to The Anglerfish
The Annihilator to The Witch (Into the Woods)
The Witch (Mickey Mouse Works) to Vult Skerris
Vulture (Fantasia) to Ámbar Smith
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