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Who is the Fairest One of All? Certainly not Spatters!, this "Spatters,"
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Spatters are the Shadow Blot's henchmen in Epic Mickey. They look like Mickey Mouse. Mickey first meets them in Slalom, in their normal appearances. 

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These are what the Spatters Wear:

Slalom: Normal

Gremlin Village: In the Boat Ride:

As Pharaohs in Jungle

Chinese Villagers in Asia

European Dolls in Europe (also in the Village, only one)

Mickeyjunk Mountain: Normal

Tomorrow City: Tron

Ventureland (Tortooga and Skull Island): Pirates (replaced Camp Pirate Whales)

Dark Beauty Castle: Jesters

Lonesome Manor: Top Hat and Tuxedo


The unused Spatters are the ones dressed as Hulas, Dutch Girls, Arabians, Mexicans and the Early Version of European Dolls.