S1e11a Evil Sandwich

Sourdough the Evil Sandwich is a character on Wander Over Yonder who first appeared in the episode "The Fancy Party". It was formerly Queen Entozoa until it was revealed to be some sort of spirit or energy being who possesses people's bodies for 1,000 years, but because of Wander, it is now a sandwich and now wants revenge on Wander, Sylvia, Lord Hater, and Peepers.

Physical appearance[]

Sourdough is pretty much an average cheese, lettuce and ham sandwich, with the two olives on it acting like its eyes. Its true form is that of an amorphous and glowing purple entity outwardly resembling some sort of slug/dragon hybrid.


Emperor Awesome[]

Emperor Awesome tried to flirt with Sourdough but got blasted by one of Sourdough's guards.

Wander, Sylvia, Lord Hater and Commander Peepers[]

Originally in its original form, Sourdough seemed fond of Wander due to his position as most wanted in the galaxy and seemed mainly indifferent to Sylvia, Peepers and Hater (although later he did become impressed with Hater's power), however after Wander saved Lord Hater from being possessed by Sourdough, it began searching after the four, but mostly the latter two in hopes of getting revenge. In "The Axe", it's shown that he doesn't really think highly of Lord Hater as a villain but instead as a "ne'er do well". It also shows that he has some respect for Peepers saying that Peepers actually knows what evil is all about, unlike Hater.