Songbird (real name: Melissa Gold) is a Marvel Comics character and supervillain who appears in Avengers Assemble.


She was given a device by the corrupt corporate executives at Roxxon that allows her to use devastating sonic screams, a power that she uses to commit crimes as the supervillain Screaming Mimi. She joined the Masters of Evil in order to defeat the Avengers.

She later resurfaces as the superheroine Songbird, helping the Avengers defeat Growing Man. Afterwards, she and the rest of the Thunderbolts turned against Baron Zemo and gave up their villainous ways. After Truman Marsh persuaded the National Secruity Council to approve the Inhuman Registration Act, the Avengers quit, and Songbird joined the government-sanctioned Mighty Avengers. When the Old Avengers attempted to save 3 Inhumans from being apprehended, Songbird defected to the old Avengers when she decided what Marsh was doing was wrong. After she and the renegade Avengers were arrested, they escaped and fought a mind-controlled Black Bolt and Medusa.

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