Solego is the main antagonist in "The Legend of the Chaos God", a Disney Adventures comic story arc that served as a crossover between TaleSpinChip 'n Dale Rescue RangersGoof TroopDuckTales, and Darkwing Duck.


Originally a sorcerer from long ago, Solego gained immortality and ruled the world with unmatched terror, to the point where he was spoken of as "The Chaos God" (for it was believed that saying Solego's name was bad luck). A young wizard named D'Shane eventually defeated Solego and had his mind imprisoned in a crystal, while his powers were sealed in a gold medallion. They were then sealed away, for if the crystal and medallion were ever reunited, Solego would be restored.

500 years later, Solego is inadvertanly released onto the world during an archelogical dig led by Professor Simon Potsherd and his young son Bisk. During an Air Pirate raid, the crystal containing Solego's mind is found by Rebecca Cunningham, who is then possessed by Solego's will. After a struggle with Baloo and Kit Cloudkicker, the crystal is removed from Rebecca and dropped into the ocean.

Fifty years later, the crystal surfaces once more, and Solego passes through several hosts (among them Dale, Fat Cat, a car owned by Pete, and the Gizmoduck suit) as he attempts to find the medallion and regain his full power, while Bisk Potsherd (now a grown man) desires to find Solego and reseal him. Solego eventually locates the medallion in St. Canard and is challenged by Darkwing Duck, who defeats the Chaos God by tricking him into bouncing his magic off a satellite dish and turning him back to his crystal form (ironically, this was how D'Shane defeated Solego, using a reflective shield to make the sorcerer's magic defeat himself). The crystal and medallion are then locked in a safe and buried at the very bottom of Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin, hopefully never to be found again.