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Snowstorm is a superhero-turned-antagonist in Mighty Med.


She was seen working out at Mighty Med with Absolute Zero.

At some point, the Annihilator stole her powers, and left her helpless. He took them and placed them on his trophy shelf with all the others.

Later she was attacked by her nemesis The Incinerator, and left in critical condition. She was taken to Mighty Med, but without her powers to save her, she would die. As such Oliver and Kaz went to recover them from the Annihilator's lair. At the end they were restored to her, and she happily created snow balls to celebrate. However Skylar had secretly injected the Annihilator's secret formula into them, meaning that she turned evil and became another of Annihilator's servants.

She was turned good again after The Annihilator died, along with all the other superheroes under his control.