Snazzy Shazam is a snazzy witch who appears in the Disney XD series The 7D. She is voiced by Leigh-Allyn Baker who also does the voice of Queen Delightful.


Snazzy gets her name by being snazzy and has a long hated rivalry with Hildy Gloom. When they were in school together, Snazzy always did every little thing better than her and at Hildy's seventh birthday party when they were playing pin the tentacle on the squid she turned her into one, possibly as a harmful joke.

She is known to enjoy showing off and boasting about her success and speaks in a snobbish way. It is possible she was very spoiled by her parents as a little girl, hinted by Hildy that she always got everything she wanted, especially an elephant to ride.

Role In the Series[]

In her debut appearance "Sleepytime" when Hildy learnt Snazzy was to be rewarded for putting one hundred people to sleep, she attempted do a better by putting one hundred and one people to sleep. However all was in vain as the trophy went to the presenter, for boring all a hundred and fifty people in the auditorium to sleep. Unlike Hildy, Snazzy appears to take losing well at times and turns Hildy into a squid for the second time.

Hildy mention's Snazzy in the episode "The 8th D" and makes her second appearance in the episode "Knick Knack Paddy Whack" where she shows off the new cloak she won in a contest, a cloak that Hildy wanted to win.

Snazzy was in the Ultimate Supreme Sorceress Pageant along with Hildy in the episode "Hildyrella". As always the two witches were determined to beat one another and Snazzy was sure to win the pageant and make Hildy look like a loser. When Happy, disguised as a judge asked her what would make her extra happy, It is revealed she desires world domination. Snazzy as well as Hildy was annoyed when she lost the Pageant to Hildy's fairy godmother.