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Slick is one-time character and the secondary antagonist of the episode "Counterfeit Goof" from Disney's animated series, Goof Troop. He is a counterfeiter who was hired to "paper" the city.


He is a skilled counterfeiter able to pass off fake money as real, the reason why he was hired by his boss. Max even thought he was his father, and even tried to pass himself off as his doppelganger, but to no avail.

Role in the series[]

He first appears in his car and encounters Goofy. He immediately hates him, and he starts a rivalry with him. After getting to his boss, he was mistook for Goofy. Max thought that he was his father, but immediately realized it wasn't. Then Slick exposed Goofy's residence, having found the paper in the car.

They went to Goofy's house, and...


  • His number is 52750.