Skorpio is a minor antagonist from Disney Junior's television series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He is a small brown scorpion that serves Dread the Evil Genie as his henchman.


Skorpio is a scheming scorpion, driven mostly by the desire to have authority over others. As seen when Skorpio and Dread first meet, Skorpio is indeed suave, smooth-talking and often charming, which aids him in luring the powerless wicked genie into plan to regain his magical powers. Generally, Skorpio isn't very powerful, forcing the small scorpion to rely on his own power of persuasion to carry out his bidding. Skorpio is an opportunist, and can be quick to formulate plots that would generally end in his favor. After overhearing the planned arrival of a Otaa and Dread earlier discussion, and Dread's desire for power once more, Skorpio was able to quickly concoct an elaborate scheme—one of which that could have very well succeeded, if not for unexpected interference.

Role in the series[]

Skorpio first appeared in the episode "Dread the Pharaoh!". While amusing himself in the Never Land Desert, Otaa stumbles upon Dread the Evil Genie's bottle. After releasing the ex-genie from his bottle Otaa wanted to make various wishes to please his master, the Pirate Pharaoh. Dread regretfully informs Otaa, he is now powerless and the mummy cat loses interest and returns to the Pirate Pharaoh.After over hearing that Otaa master the Pirate Pharaoh has a means of magic, that Dread can use to restore his power, when Skorpio reveals himself to Dread also informing the genie that the Pirate Pharaoh has fear of scorpions. Dread allies himself with Skorpio. While the Pharaoh amuses himself with his construction model of his kingdom, Skorpio startles the Pharaoh allowing Dread the power he long for once more. Skorpio gloats as Dread crowned himself ruler of the desert and soon set his eye on turning all of Never Land into his desert domain. However, this is short lived as the Pirate Pharaoh and Jake and his crew assist in stopping Dread plan leaving him powerless once more before being banish from the desert with Skorpio. Skorpio and Dread are last seen wander through the Never Nile as Dread ponder his next occupation being powerless again he comes across a hook like stick next to the Nile,he picks it up claiming maybe he should be a nefarious pirate leading a crew to plunder the Never Sea (mirroring Captain Hook). Dread soon regrets making light at Hook when Tick-Tock the Crocodile emerges from the Never Nile and attempts to eat Dread.Dread screams for Skorpio to save him but the little scorpion soon wander off leaving the ex-genie Dread fleeing in terror from the hungry the crocodile.

Episode Appearances[]

Season Four[]

  • Dread the Pharaoh! (first appearance)