Sirocco is a dangerous and monstrous Elemental of Wind, appearing as a demonic jackal in the Aladdin TV series.


He originated from a dark and dangerous corner of the Land of the Black Sand, where he was captured by Mozenrath, with the intention of using Sirocco as a weapon to destroy Agrabah.

Having heard rumors that Mozenrath had acquired a weapon, Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu secretly traveled to Mozenrath's domain so they could steal the weapon, but they'd left out Genie, Carpet, and Iago because Mozenrath had recently planted a number of crystals throughout his city that alerted him to magical intruders.

They were all captured and Mozenrath introduced them to Sirocco, and had the Wind Jackal demonstrate his power upon a pillar, reducing it to dust. Leaving the heroes to die, Mozenrath and Sirocco departed for Agrabah where they attacked.

However, the heroes escaped and after a lengthy battle, Iago imitated Mozenrath's voice to fool Sirocco (who would only obey his master) and Iago banished the demon to the farthest corner of the earth, under the order to never come back. Fooled into thinking this was Mozenrath's order, Sirocco blew off and was never heard from again.