Sir Cumference is Cedric's opponent on the jousting field in the 1946 animated short, A Knight for a Day.


Sir Cumference is a jouster, and a rival of Sir Loinsteak. The prize for the jousting contest is the right to marry Princess Esmeralda.

However, Sir Loinsteak is knocked out, leaving his sappy yet clever squire, Cedric, to take his place in the tourney. While Sir Cumference dominates the inexperienced simpleton early on, Cedric's clever and unorthodox improvisations tip the scales in the youth's favor. Finally, after an assault with his lance, sword and mace, Sir Cumference collapses from exhaustion and Cedric wins by default. Princess Esmeralda leaps to her new fiancee with glee, Cedric soaks in the crowd adoration, while a serf nonchalantly pushes Sir Cumference from the field in a scoop shovel.


  • His name is a play on the word "circumference".
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