Sir Brad Starlight is a character later is the minor antagonist in the Wander Over Yonder episode "The Hero", who enlists Wander and Sylvia to help him save Princess Demurra from King Draykor. He returns in "The Enemies" and then in "The Hot Shot."

Role in the series[]

He is very insistent on doing everything according to "The Prophecy", and is generally mean, egotistical and wants all the glory for himself. In the end, it is revealed that Princess Demurra is actually in love with Draykor, not him, and "The Prophecy" is just a bunch of stuff he wrote in his diary. However, Brad doesn't care that the princess loves someone else and attempts to kidnap her, but she saves herself. He was tied up by Princess Demurra and was arrested by King Draykor and the Hog soldiers.

He was seen posing as a Hot Shot resembling Wander but he turned out to be a fraud with his cousin controlling a Dominator Robot staging attacks so Brad could ride in and save the day, collect rewards and smooch pretty Princesses. However on another planet Sylvia and Wander discover his ruse and as he goes to his position, a real Dominator Robot attacks Brad and ended up having to be saved by Wander and Sylvia but then says they were under his guidance. Sylvia gets even by having him smooch the planet's Princess Remora who turned out to be a fish face who sucks his face kissing him to his horror. But during the animatic, he is revealed to have married Remora and has 2 sons celebrating their anniversary.


Sir Brad genuinely believes himself to be in a fairy tale wherein he is the hero.

He will not allow any deviation from anyone under his delusion and expects them to act accordingly to their conceived roles in his story. He treats Sylvia as a dumb animal despite her clear intelligence, and treats the princes as a helpless damsel even when she is quite capable and clearly in no danger.

When faced with anything that is against how he believes things should work, he whines like a spoiled child about how it should be.

Background Information[]

  • In French, he is called, "Blaise l'Ardent".
  • When he is upset, his personality is similar to Lord Hater's personality.
  • He is similar to Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, Prince Charming from Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third and Hans from Frozen as they are characters who think they are the hero, but are actually villainous, vain and self-conceited.
  • He's voiced by James Marsden, who also played Prince Edward from Enchanted.
  • Craig McCracken confirmed that Starlight is supposed to come back in an upcoming episode entitled "The Enemies".


  • "The Hero" (first appearance)
  • "The Enemies"
  • "The Gift" (cameo)