That bridge crosses right next to and above Outback Island. I thought Zootopia was supposed to be for all animals. So why did they forget Outback Island?
      —Singcor discussing the new bridge.

Singcor Swim is a male platypus and the antagonist of The Stinky Cheese Caper and Other Cases from the ZPD Files.

Role in the Book[]

The Stinky Cheese Caper[]

A warden explains to Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde that Singcor had to be evacuated from his solitary cell block after someone threw a large piece of foul-smelling cheese over the prison wall.

The Dig's Up[]

A few days later, Judy and Nick meet up with the warden, who tells them that Singcor has escaped from prison. He explains that Singcor's accomplices tunneled up into his cell, something they wouldn't of been able to do in Singcor's original place of imprisonment.

Looking at Singcor's criminal record, Judy discovers that he is the founder of the O.F.E (Outbackers for Equality), and that he has used the group to organize violent protests.

When Judy and Nick arrive at the construction site for the new bridge, Singcor arrives in a cement truck, driving torwards the bridge. Judy leaps onto the truck and commands Singcor to bring it to a stop. Upon being ignored, she shoots her stun gun at him, but misses. The surprise of the shot causes Singcor to yank on his steering wheel, driving the truck of off the bridge as it plunges into the bay, bringing Singcor and Judy down with it.

Singcor soon pops up to the surface and he and Nick help bring Judy to shore. As he is being placed under arrest, Singcor states that being under arrest is better than being under the bridge. He explains how the bridge crosses next to and above Outback Island, seemingly forgetting it. He admits that he was going to drive the cement truck into the bay along with the rest of the materials so the construction crew wouldn't be able to finish the bridge. He says this would've reminded Zootopia that Outback Island and its residents exist.

Putting the pieces of the whole case together, Judy realizes that a dingo stole and threw the foul-smelling cheese over the prison wall so that Singcor would be moved to a part of the prison that was easier to break into. The animals that were playing deafeningly loud music at a café earlier were deliberately masking the noise that would've been heard when Singcor was breaking out, and Dorothy got rid of the dirt that would've been evidence of the break out by hiding it in her pouch and dumping it into the bay.

Judy laments Singcor not protesting peacefully and legally, saying that he is "smart enough to accomplish anything he wants".


  • Singcor Swim's name is a play on the phrase "Sink or swim".