Shupavu is a female skink.



Shupavu is sly and sneaky with a somewhat nasty streak. Although prideful, she is not above helping others, especially if it will benefit a cause she believes in.

Physical appearance

Shupavu is slender and long-bodied, with skin of a deep red hue. She has lighter red patches on her back, neck and face, contrasting with her burgundy underbelly and eyespots. Shupavu's eyes are fringed with a yellow mark and framed by dark eyelashes.

Role in the series

The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar

During the musical sequence "Fujo", Shupavu and Njano watched the Lion Guard performing their duties before they slithered away.

Later, Shupavu and her skinks are summoned by Ushari. He requests that one of the skinks follow Rafiki and Makini to the Lair of the Lion Guard in order to find out of there is a way to speak to the Evil Lions of the Past. Shupavu agrees and tasks her stealthiest skink, Nyeusi, with the job.

Both Shupavu and Ushari accompany Nyeusi to the entrance of the Lair, and Ushari thanks the skinks for their help, asserting that he can finish the task. Shupavu departs with Nyeusi, eager to get way from Pride Rock.

The Lion Guard

Let Sleeping Crocs Lie

When Makuu leaves with the Lion Guard to speak to Simba about new sleeping arrangements, Kiburi seizes control of the float, inspiring them to join him in taking over the water holes in the Pride Lands. From afar, Shupavu watches in fascination and resolves to speak with Ushari and Scar about the proceedings.

At Janja's den, Shupavu tells Scar about Kiburi, and he orders her and her skinks to keep an eye on the goings on. Later, Shupavu informs Scar that Kiburi has challenged Makuu to a Mashindano.

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