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Shiv Katall is a character and minor antagonist in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.


He is a bounty hunter who is a parody of Boba Fett and servant of Zurg. When Commander Nebula gave the order to Team Lightyear to take a vacation while Buzz goes after him alone, Mira was angry that she felt underestimated and wanted to stop him. When she Booster and XR searched for information on him he had their first encounter with the rookies and defeated them easily and told them to not go after him. They didn't give up on catching him so they chased after his ship and he still told them to get lost. When both ships got shot down by Zurg'a they met face to face again. Mira ordered Shiv to surrender but then Shiv removes his mask and then team Lightyear understood why the mission was classified.