Sheriff Gomer Cleghorn and Deputy Wendell are secondary antagonists in the TaleSpin episode "Citizen Khan".

Role in the episode[]

Sheriff Cleghorn is a mine foreman in the mining town of Boomstone who works for Khan Enterprises, and withholds information from Khan about the explosive urgonium. With his less-than-smart cohort and deputy Wendell, he forces any passersby to work in the mines on trumped-up charges and even imprisons them.

When Wendell and Cleghorn first happen upon the Sea Duck in their Broncos, Wendell tells Baloo to pull over. When Baloo fails to comply, Wendell takes out one of the plane's engines with a nugget of highly volatile urgonium. Cleghorn, as the judge, charges Baloo, Kit, and Wildcat with speeding, littering and resisting arrest over the city limits. That's when Clementine Clevenger cuts in, telling Cleghorn that he's just a worker of Khan Industries and he's made a habit of snatching up people to work as miners.

When one of the miners tells Mr. Khan about the urgonium, Cleghorn and Wendell try to make a getaway in their Bronco. Wildcat and Kit start throwing rotten kumquats at the sheriff and his deputy. One of the kumquats hits the propeller of their flying machine. With the propeller all gummed up, the flying machine plummets to the ground.

In the aftermath, Clementine is made the new foreman, while Gomer and Wendell end up working in the mines.


Gomer and Wendell are known to be really greedy and won't hesitate to capture any passersby to make them work in the mines.


  • It is possible that the two were named after Country Bear Jamboree characters Gomer and Wendell.