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Shawn MacGibbon is the main antagonist of the Disney Channel Halloween film, Phantom of the Megaplex. He is a movie theater manager who longs to meet his idol, a movie director who is showing one of his horror movies at the theater. Legends of a movie-goer trapped in the building where the megaplex now stands have been told for decades. With many believing that the Phantom still haunts the megaplex to this day. Shawn takes this opportunity to enter the guise of the Phantom to torment movie-goers on the premiere night of the new movie, Midnight Mayhem. MacGibbon also attempts to frame Movie Mason (A very old movie goer who is respected by his employees but disliked by Shawn). The main protagonists (Shawn's Assistant Pete Riley and his younger siblings) investigate, and while most of the evidence points to Movie Mason, his charismatic speech about his love for movies is enough to convince them otherwise .

The phantom sets off a series of pranks in each theater related to the movie being shown (For example, he places a giant fan in a room showing a hurricane disaster movie). Ultimately he plots an attack on the premiere of Midnight Mayhem using giant monster balloons to trap movie-goers into the room where it is being shown. Before this can happen, Pete and his younger siblings finally confront the Phantom on the roof of the megaplex. The Phantom is able to temporarily subdue them. The three are able to escape and after Pete destroys one of the balloons, Pete goes after the Phantom. After the duel, the Phantom is unmasked and revealed to be Shawn who claims that the only reason he did all this was because he felt underappreciated by many of the characters, especially the megaplex's owner Wolfgang Nedermayer. He is fired, but not arrested. Nedermayer also warns him to never go to any movie theater again. He is ultimately shunned by many, but is later seen making a deal with his favorite horror movie director to create a movie about his story. At the end of the movie, Movie Mason admits he never believed in the Phantom of the Megaplex, but instead believes in the Werewolf of the Megaplex, a whole other story. The film ends with the doors of the megaplex closing and the howling of a wolf being heard.