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Sergeant Slug is a character and antagonist from Slugterra. He was first seen in "Club Slug". He is voiced by Brian Drummond.


Sergeant Slug is the owner and operator of Club Slug, a vacation destination for slingers and boot camp for slugs. If you’re tired of spending hours dueling with no results, then let Sergeant Slug do the work and train your slugs so you don’t have to!


Sergeant Slug is a muscular man who owned Club Slug, a combination resort spa and boot camp. While Slugslingers relax by the pool or at the buffet, the Sergeant uses a turret-like machine that enhances a Slugs's abilities. While Slugs normally gain experience by battling, this turret system ping-ponged a Slug between two turrets, allowing it to reach velocity in between. The turrets are automated, allowing the Slugs to be trained with minimal effort. Unfortunately for hopeful slingers, the Sergeants patented training method is a sham, only temporarily increasing a Slugs strength but quickly leaving them burnt out and weaker than when they started the turret training.


  • Club Slug (First)


  • His favourite Slug is a Thresher called Butch.
  • He seems to be rich, considering the whole Shane Gang coming to his camp cost half of their Gold.