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Seeker 2

Seeker is a Marvel Comics character and antagonist who appeared in Avengers Assemble, voiced by Mark C. Hanson.


He is an Inhuman who has superhuman intelligence, which he uses to be the chief scientist in Attilan and build impressive weapons and gadgets. When his ship crashed on Earth, the resulting Terrigen Mists created the Inhuman Inferno. Inferno went on a rampage, and Seeker helped the Avengers defeat him. In truth he intentionally crashed his ship release the Terrigen Mist on the town by testing a device that can transform hidden Inhumans to there true form. He was doing this for the android Ultron. The following episode he lured the Avengers to Attilan after all the Inhumans where captured by Ultron so that Ultron can use Attilan as a base of operation as part of his conquest of the world.  The invention he created from the last episode has grown bigger and was on the bottom of the island city. But a smaller version was used on the Seeker which transported him to limbo.

Seeker was created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnot.