Sebulba is a Dug from the planet Malastare in the Star Wars franchise. He is Anakin Skywalker's pod racing rival and always cheats in every podracing event. Many fellow podracers are killed or severely injured by Sebulba's reckless steering or out-and-out cheating, but he's far too popular to be blamed or penalized.


In the year of the Invasion of Naboo, Sebulba was the obvious favorite to win the Boonta Eve Classic. He also got into a fight with Jar Jar Binks in retaliation for Binks accidentally spitting a Gorg he attempted to eat after learning of its expensive cost, into Sebulba's soup. However, the local slave boy Anakin Skywalker, who was also one of his opponents in the Classic, broke up the fight before it began. Sebulba dismissed his anger at Jar Jar to insult Anakin's chances at Podracing.

On the day of the race, Sebulba decided to sabotage Anakin's Podracer by pulling a piece of machinery off one of the engines. He then exchanged insults between himself and his opponent before starting up his own vehicle.

For a majority of the race, Sebulba maintained the lead while eliminating several other opponents in the process. During the final lap, Anakin's Podracer had caught up and was now alongside the dangerous Dug. An angry Sebulba resorted to beating up Anakin's vehicle, only for the cables on the Dug's cockpit to get caught on one of Skywalker's engines. When Skywalker broke free, the cables were torn apart, causing Sebulba's Podracer to get wrecked. To his anger, his cockpit lands near the finish line and he is not seen again for the rest of the film.