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Schmeloise is a character and antagonist from Jimmy Two-Shoes. She was a robot clone created by Heloise and a one-off character.

Schmeloise was created by Heloise to serve as Dorkus' replacement, but Schmeloise and Jimmy fell in love with each other.


Schmeloise appeared similar to Heloise, except that her eyes were yellow with black pupils instead of blue and she had metal cups where her ears would have been.


Schmeloise was programmed with Heloise's personality. Though she immensely loved Jimmy so much that even he notices it, he never noticed Heloise's affection. She was programmed at the end to hate Jimmy, but couldn't hurt Jimmy while still having Heloise's affections. She could bare it as well as Heloise can't hurt him even when she's mad.


  • Schmeloise's voice was provided by Tabitha St. Germain, who also voices Heloise.
  • Schmeloise is similar to Penelope the robot from Yakkity Yak, they even have the same voice actress.
  • Even though her eyes are yellow and black, Jimmy says that they are blue.
  • Schmeloise is mentioned in Heloise's Rival.