Scar is the main antagonist of the 2012 Disneynature film Chimpanzee.


Scar is the leader of a rival gang of chimpanzees who terrorize Oscar's tribe. He is ruthless, cunning, and hungry for power.

During a fight between the two tribes, Oscar's mother, Isha, is injured in the battle and separated from her son. She, in turn, is killed by a leopard.

When Oscar looks for a new family, he discovers and is raised by the leader, Freddy. As soon as the rival chimps attack, Freddy gathers his tribe to face the enemy. Scar and his thugs launch an attack, but Freddy and the other chimps drive him away into the rainforest.

It is unknown whether Scar survived or died.


  • Scar provides a clear image of rivalry in chimp society.
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