The Sand Monster is a minor villain in the Aladdin TV series. He was a massive sand creature created by Sadira with a mystical amulet.

Role in the Series

The Sand Monster's first and only appearance in the series is the main antagonist of the episode "Strike Up the Sand". Sadira accidentally found a hidden palace and became a sorceress of the ancient secrets of the sand. She decides to make her first attempt to get Aladdin for herself. From an ancient scroll and a mystical amulet, she calls call up The Sand Monster and orders him to bring Princess Jasmine to her, so she was out of the way which brought Aladdin and the others to come and save her. But the Sand monster became disappointed at not being able to cause destruction and turned on Sadira, swallowing the amulet, and attempting to crush them all. With Aladdin, Abu, Iago, Jasmine, and Genie's help, they managed to recover the amulet and destroy it and the Sand Monster.

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