Rune Haako is a minor antagonist in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. He works under Nute Gunray


Although the Neimoidians were not known for being brave, Haako was considered fearful and cowardly even by their standards. Despite being very nervous, he was still able to act as the voice of reason and offer advice to his boss, Gunray.


Episode I

In The Phantom Menace Haako is present during the blockade on Naboo. Throughout the film he tries to offer advice to Gunray, even questions him making a deal with the Sith. In the end they are both arrested.

Episode II

In Attack of the Clones Rune has a smaller role and only one line of dialogue. He and his superior, Nute Gunray join the Separatists.

Episode III

In Revenge of the Sith he and the other Separatists are sent to Mustafar for they protection, but in the end their are killed by Darth Vader.