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The Mercenaries are the minor antagonists in Atlantis:The Lost Empire. They are minions of Lyle T. Rourke

They are voiced by Jack Angel.

Paid for by Mister Whitmore, they were likely ex-soldiers hired by Commander Rourke. They were organized into a military style unit and utilized cutting edge technology for 1914, including gas masks, which they all wore for the majority of the trek to Atlantis and during battle. They were suspiciously well armed for an archeological expedition, being equipped with and trained in the use of SMLE No.1 Mk III rifles, Vickers machine guns, heavy and light mortars, and "Whitmore Wing" miniature airplanes. A section of these mercenaries remained at the base of the dormant volcano while the rest went with the group to Atlantis. During the night, when Milo and Kida learned the true nature of the Heart of Atlantis, Rourke, his mercenaries, and the rest of the gang armed themselves and took Milo and Kida captive. After Kida was chosen to serve as the Heart of Atlantis, she was secured and loaded up to be taken to the surface. When the rest of the gang defected and joined Milo in defying Rourke, the mercenaries ensured that they couldn't rescue Kida.

Using a an artillery piece, the mercenaries blasted through to the surface, and prepared Kida to be transported up by balloon. They had just begun to transport her up when Milo and the gang, joined by Atlantian Warriors, attacked with ancient Atlantian flying machines. Initially, the Mercenaries began to inflict casualties on the poorly armed rescue party, bring down at least one machine. They defended the balloon with infantry and Whitmore Wings. But when Vinnie discovered that the Atlantis machines had an energy weapon, the tide turned, and by the time that Milo reached Kids, all of the mercenaries had been killed or routed.



He was voiced by Craig T. Nelson.


He was voiced by Brad Garrett.


He was voiced by Benjamin Whitrow.


He was voiced by James Shigeta.


He was voiced by Joe Ranft.


He was voiced by George Buza.


He was voiced by Paul St. Peter.


He was voiced by Dan Hennessey.


He was voiced by Jamie Alcroft.


He was voiced by David Ossman.


  • "Sergeant, keep those people back!!!".
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