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Romeo is the main antagonist from the Disney Junior show PJ Masks. He is one of the nighttime villains. Driving his mobile laboratory throughout the city, this crazed scientist and inventor is bent on nothing less than world domination.


Not much is known about Romeo's day-to-day life, other than that he knows the true identities of the PJ Masks. He also plays as the true antagonist of the show. A marvel of mechanical mischief, Romeo is so wrapped up in his own genius as he attempts to launch his latest invention to capture the PJ Masks and take over the world! With his mobile laboratory and many a gadget, PJ Masks have their work cut out but with teamwork and cooperation, Romeo's genius is no match for the PJ Masks!


Romeo is portrayed as an intelligent egomaniac who often puts creativity towards his inventions in order to achieve world domination. He doesn't care for others that are around him, with the exception of his robot companion.

Physical appearance[]

Romeo has the appearance of the typical mad scientist, sporting a white lab coat, goggles, and crazily spiked hair with a white streak. With this iconic outfit, he wears a pair of gloves, black boots, and a bag that straps around on his neck and left shoulder.


  • Romeo's voice actor, Alex Thorne, has also provided the voice of Zuma on the Nick Jr. animated show PAW Patrol.
  • His attire is based on the stereotypical mad scientist.
  • Romeo sometimes teams up with Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos but does not get along well.
  • In "Gekko and the Opposite Ray", he turned into a good guy when Gekko zaps him with the Opposite Ray.
  • He also teams up with Luna Girl in "PJ Masks vs. Bad Guys United" and in "PJ Comet".
  • Romeo is similar to Dr. Neo Cortex from the video game series of Crash Bandicoot.