The Mechanical Shark

The Mechanical Shark is a minor antagonist in James and the Giant Peach.


James and the Giant Peach

In the movie, the mechanical shark appears from the ocean and attacks the peach. It fires multiple harpoons which penetrate the peach and cut the threads that connected the stem to the seagulls that were carrying the peach.

The Centipede loses his balance due to the shaking of the peach and falls. He grabs one of the wires of the harpoons and slips down into the machine's mouth.

After the Centipede is rescued, one of the harpoons gets stuck inside the spinning turbines of teeth the machine has. With the turbine clogged, the machine's inner mechanisms clash with each other and it explodes.


  • In the book, the group was attacked by a massive group of normal sharks that ate at the peach. It is unknown why it was changed to a giant robot in the film, but it may have been to make a more compelling and intense scene than a group of normal sharks. It might also have been to make animation easier, as it would probably be very difficult to animate a bunch of sharks with stop-motion.
  • The shark's existence is unusual, as it is unknown how and why it was created or even if it was a figment of James' imagination.
    • It is also possible that the shark was built by Spiker and Sponge to bring James back in case he tries to escape, as when it rises out of the sea, it spouts several plates of the same rotten fish heads they tried to serve him the other day.


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