Robert Canler is the antagonist in The Legend of Tarzan episode "Tarzan and the Flying Ace". He is Jane's old childhood friend who turned out to be a notorious double agent who stole secret codes in London.

He was voiced by Jeff Bennett.


Robert Canler was at one point a loyal soldier for England and a close friend of Jane and her family. However, during his time of service, he lost himself to greed and switched sides for a better profit.


Robert Canler was an old childhood friend of Jane Porter since they were young children and was also her next door neighbor. Growing up, he and Jane use to attend dance classes, but reveals Jane had "two left feet". They had a great friendship growing being very close to each other. Eventually when he grew up, Robert managed to work for the Queen of England, but at some point betrayed England by stealing secret codes and wanted sell them to the countries enemies. However, British Intelligence were suspecting him and in order to protect the secret codes, he disguised the British Code Machine as a music box and left it in the care of Jane Porter as she was leaving England for Africa. However, upon learning Jane stayed permanently in Africa, Robert began his journey to regain the codes, but was in pursuit of Nigel Taylor.

Robert and Nigel had an aerial battle in the skies of Africa, but Robert managed to defeat Nigel and soon landed in a swamp close to the Professor's camp. Tarzan and the gang went to help the pilot and soon Tarzan found him, but received a hostel welcome from Robert. When Jane arrived she instantly recognised Robert and was delighted to see him again and soon embraced. Jane questioned Robert as to why he was in Africa and he lied saying the Queen gave him a few days off and decided to come and visit Jane, while also revealing he discovered her whereabouts from Hazel. Tarzan reintroduced himself, revealing he was Jane's husband.

Jane then properly introduced Robert to Tazan, informing him Robert is her childhood friend. While Robert congratulated Tarzan to his marriage to Jane, Tarzan told Robert to leave the Jungle, while hurting his hand. Jane was shocked from Tarzan's behaviour and he revealed his distrust, revealing his opinion that Robert reminds him of Sabor. While Robert is confused, Jane tries to assure Tarzan that he's wrong as Robert is one of her oldest friends. However, their conversation was soon interrupted as they heard the Professor's cries for help and discovered a fire had started at the camp.

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