Robbie V

Robbie Valentino is a former recurring villain of Gravity Falls. He is Dipper's former love rival for Wendy. He is voiced by TJ Miller.


He first appears in "The Inconveniencing" where he gets into a few feuds with Dipper.

He later appears in "Fight Fighters" where he keeps on stealing Wendy from Dipper, and he even threatens to beat him up for destroying his phone, as he was going to call Wendy to give her the scoop on Dipper's crush on her. This is resolved after Rumble McSkirmish is imprisoned back into his game.

He also steals Wendy from Dipper in "The Time Traveler's Pig" but is humiliated when Mabel tells Waddles to spill water to shrink his jeans.

In "Boyz Crazy" Robbie uses a CD to brainwash Wendy into marrying him. Once Dipper, Grunkle Stan, and Wendy discover this, Wendy breaks up with Robbie, thus ending their relationship.

As of "The Love God", he redeems himself and starts dating Tambry instead courtesy of Mabel who takes the Love God's love potion, making them fall in love with each other.