The Rhyming Man is a Mickey Mouse villain from the Floyd Gottfredson strips. He always talks in rhyme.


The Rhyming Man first appears in "The Atombrella and the Rhyming Man", where he is a spy who tries to steal Eega Beeva's invention, the Atombrella, an umbrella-like accessory which can protect its user from an atomic explosion.

Despite being shown drowning to his death at the end of the original story, he later resurfaced in some Italian comics.

The Atombrella and the Rhyming Man

The Rhyming Man is depicted as a sinister madman, whose ultimate plan is to destroy all life on earth by lauching nuclear attacks, from which he alone would be protected by wearing the Atombrella.

A dark character by Disney standards, even for a villain, he shows signs of sadism and notably kills one of his underlings by strangling him (and tried to do the same to another before).

He has exceptional physical strength and resistance, being able, for example, to take heavy blows on the head without harm. Some foreign translations of the story explain this by revealing he was in fact a robot, but his superhuman strength is never given an explanation in the original version.

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