Reggie Jacobs is one of the four secondary antagonists in Monsters University. He is a dark green monster with three eyes and grass-like hair all over him. He is a member of the Roar Omega Roar fraternity, and one of Johnny Worthington III's henchmen.

Monsters University

Reggie has minor appearances through the film, with the first being when Johnny Worthington III and Chet Alexander introduce themselves to James P. Sullivan. Then, he appears in the second party, when the Roar Omega Roar members humiliate the Oozma Kappa members. Finally, at the final event of the Scare Games, he is beaten by Don Carlton at the scare simulator.


  • Reggie's actual first appearance was during Hardscrabble's "inspirational" speech during the scaring class. You can see him two times, both times in the front row: first, at the center bottom of the screen, and the second time, at the bottom left.
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