The Raven is a minor character in the 1937 film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He lives in the Queen's castle and only appears during the scene where the Evil Queen transforms into the Witch.

Role in the film[]

He is first seen when the Queen enters her laboratory which lays in the dungeon of her castle. While she makes her potion and transforms into the witch, she startles him with her appearance. The queen is later seen teasing the poor bird by frightening it even further with the poisoned apple. He is not seen after the Queen leaves. His only apparent personality trait is a fear of the Evil Queen.


  • While the Raven was a neutral character and was neither a villain nor an antagonist in Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (since he was just scared of the Evil Queen and did not even help her with her evil plans, let alone antagonize or oppose anyone or do anything evil at all), he has appeared as a villain in the Disney theme park attractions of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs due to helping the Queen spy on the Dwarfs. He was also a villain in some of the Disney comic books due to conspiring with the Evil Queen, helping her in her evil plans and even kidnapping Timothy Q. Mouse.


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