Ratty is the Beagle Boys' pet cat. He was created by Tony Strobl in the 60s, for the comic book story "Sentimental Journey", released in August, 1966.


Ratty first appears in "Sentimental Journey" by Tony Strobl, in which the Beagle Boys try to shoot at him through a door, thinking that they were being raided. This, however, causes significant damage to their hideout. Most of his later appearances were drawn by Jack Manning, appearing in twelve comics in the "Beagle Boys" series.

Other instances of him include two comics by Peter Alvarado; "Ratty's Birthday Party" and "The Guardian Sword", one Italian comic, written by Ivan Saidenberg; "O Gato Gatuno" ("Cat Thief"), and one "Uncle Scrooge" series comic, drawn by Kay Wright; "The Stuffed Mattress", of which is his last appearance.