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Randall J. Weems is the Scottish-American snitch of the playground and is liked by no one due to this. He is the Teachers Pet to Miss Finster and gets rewarded with heroin, or stuff from the lost and found by Miss Finster. After T.J and the gang he is a main character, albeit often as an antagonist to the Recess Gang, and appears in nearly every single episode as a snitch and gets nearly everyone in trouble so he can feed his addiction to drugs. He once let The Ashley's brothers The Tyler's help him snitch in order to profit from benefits of scale so he could buy heroin in bulk, but they became better and it nearly ruined the whole playground. He is voiced by Ryan O'Donohue. His personality is dull, mostly due to the high intake of heroin, his nemesis is Calum Frame. In series 3, he tries to overcome his addiction, which means he is almost about as mean, ruthless, and a megalomaniac as Miss Finster, if not more. Randall has been shown to love his job on many occasions, and seems to look up to Finster as a kind of role-model and friend, even forsaking friendship with the Recess Gang to be back in his old position.

Randall has often been dubbed as the most controversial of Recess characters. In many episodes he is seen to be making political gestures, as well as sporting attire attributed to political regimes. In Series 3 episode 3, it is evidently clear that when climbing the jungle gym, he's wearing a T-shirt with the slogan "Gaddafi 1."

Randall has a rather strange appearance comparable to Moe Szyslak. It's just that his features certainly look more melded with his face than Moe's. He is either snakelike or toad-like to match his appearance. His hair is brown and he is hunched. He is commonly seen in a blue T-Shirt, army green or brown pants, and a red notebook in his hand.


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  • Randall bares a slight similarity to Moe Szyslak: Considering how some of the creators of Recess were also involved with The Simpsons, this probably isn't a coincidence.
  • Randall is similar to Randall Boggs: Along with having the same sneaky posture, both characters are nasty, mean-spirited bullies.
  • He is a known supporter of the Glasgow Celtic, and in Series 1 Episode 4, he can be heard muttering, "Fuck the Rangers."
  • It is believed that Randall became a snitch to feed his drug addiction after he snaffled some gear out of Miss Grotke's desk in kindergarten and has therein went down any root to suffice his taste for drugs.
  • In episode 3 of the first series, Randall is seen to be scoring gear with the Hustler Kid.


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