Ramone is a new student at Kuzco Academy in The Emperor's New School.

Is Kuzco's new rival for Malina's affection. Ramone is very handsome, very

athletic, and nice. However, on the inside, Ramone thinks very lowly of Kuzco

and has a mean streak. Because he is so handsome, Malina likes him more

than Kuzco. Ramone is from Spanish descent but Kuzco sometimes refers to

him as the Australian or German. Ramone is also a ladies man and that is what Romeo

means "lover boy" (witch also means "ladies man")

and becuse he is a handsome romantic man in a (to the ladies only) so to the ladies he is their choise over Kuzko,

Ramone is also a showoff. in the episode "Ramone is a crowd" when he was talking to 3 girls 1 of them asked "is it

true that spanish men have the acsent of love?" and Ramone said "Si we call it ramorre" then the girl

fanted. Then Ramone said "the way you fainted made my heart jump like a watermelon." So she fainted AGAIN and

fell into his lap. Ramone did that to inpress Malina and make Kuzco jealous

(The word si is spanish for yes)