Ramon is an athletic student at Kuzco Academy who seems to be of Hispanic descent. He is shown to have amazing sporting ability, and is thus very popular with the girls at the school. Malina has a crush on him, which causes Kuzco to greatly dislike him. He is also afraid of clowns. He was voiced by Rene Mujica.


Ramon is very complimentary. He always gives compliments (mostly towards girls) e.g. he said Yzma is the most beautiful woman. Ramon dislikes Kuzco he even tried to kill him by pushing him in a scorpion arena. According to Yzma's sources he is a double crosser. Ramon has a crush on Malina.


  • Kuzco does not to know what country he is from. He mistakes him to be from other countries e.g. Germany, Australia and Sweden.
  • He is most likely from Spain, the country which invaded the Inca Empire in 1532 C.E.
  • He may have been pretending to be afraid of clowns because after he went through the fun house and Malina comforted him he looked back at Kuzco with an accomplished look.
  • Ramon worked for Yzma.
  • He lives in a canyon.