Raina is an antagonist from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Raina is the inventor of the Centipede Device, and later is revealed to be an Inhuman.

Early Life[]

Raina was homeless and convinced the local bakery to give her stale pastries and the local talior to give her scraps of cotton. She soon demanded the warm, fresh pastries, and she told the tailor, "If I can I have cotton, why not silk?"


She is also an assistant to Calvin Zabo. She also recruited Michael Peterson into the Centipede Group. She convinced Miles Lydon to hack into the Hong Kong S.H.I.E.L.D. database, paying him one million dollars. She kidnaps Chan Ho Yin and brings him back to the lab to test his abilities under the influence of the Extremis serum.

At the end of "Girl in the Flower Dress" she talks to Edison Po in prison and tells him he has to talk to "the Clairvoyant". She makes another appearance in "The Bridge" where she has recruited more super-soldiers for the centipede project. She has Edison Po broken out of prison for his ability to communicate with the Clairvoyant. She kidnaps Ace Peterson and exchanges him safely, so that she can take Agent Coulson captive. She put Coulson to a Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine to uncover lost memories of Project T.A.H.I.T.I. Raina was later arrested and sent to prison.

She was later freed by Grant Ward. When she met John Garrett, she was disappointed that Garrett was no clairvoyant and that Garrett wanted the GH-325 for himself. She synthesized a copy of the drug and injected it into Garrett. After Garrett's downfall, Raina came across Calvin Zabo and gave him a picture of Skye.

In "Face My Enemy", Raina goes to Florida to find a painting, she at the get into his car meets Whitehall who informs her that if she does not return the Obelisk in forty-eight hours he personally will to torture her.